Triggering a POWr Popup

Created August 16 2016. Updated February 02 2017

POWr Popup is set by default to open one second after someone lands on a page. However, if you use an upgraded version of POWr Popup, you have more options of when to trigger the popup. You can set this in the Design menu under General.

Time Delay - popup will appear after a specified time delay. Use the slider to set your delay.

Exit Page - popup will appear when visitor moves to leave the page, either by closing the browser, or clicking the Back button.

Visitor Click - popup will appear when visitor clicks something on your page. To set this up, you must add the plugin to the page, then wrap a piece of text, button, or image in a special CSS class, like this...

<span class="trigger-popup">your text, button, or image here</span>

Click here for a Visitor Click walkthrough

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