Setting up Form Builder in Wix

Created October 18 2016. Updated November 23 2016

Setting up a form in Wix takes just a few minutes.

Add to Site

Use the Wix App Market to add POWr Form Builder Plus+ to your Wix site. Double click the form to open the App Settings panel.

You can change the design and styling of the form later. But first, make sure to fill in the key information:

Add Important Info

  1. Your Email Address - so you know when someone fills out your form.

  2. Form Title - so your visitors know what they're filling out.

  3. Form Elements - try adding a new form element, like a dropdown, checkbox, or text field. This is how you create new questions.

Finishing up

Once you've filled in this information, publish your Wix site, and your form will up and running.

You can also set up your form to collect payments, send confirmations, and even connect to MailChimp, all right inside the App Settings.
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