POWr plugin doesn't show up in mobile version of my Tumblr blog

Created February 02 2016. Updated February 02 2016

Why does my POWr plugin not show up on my Tumblr mobile site?

If you are seeing the POWr shortcode but not the actual plugin when viewing your Tumblr blog on a mobile device, you are most likely using a Tumblr mobile theme. Custom code in your website head is not being transferred over to your mobile theme. Therefore, no POWr script is being loaded and the plugin won't appear. The Tumblr mobile theme is enabled by default.

How can I make my plugin appear in the mobile version of my Tumblr blog?

There are two possible solutions:

  1. Switch off the default mobile theme by logging in to your Tumblr account and going to Edit Theme > Advanced Options. Uncheck "Use Default Mobile Theme" to turn off the mobile theme.
  2. Customize your mobile theme and add the POWr script to your custom theme. You can use the instructions from this article to do this.
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