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Created September 16 2015. Updated September 16 2015


I build sites for my clients using Weebly. What's the best way to build Weebly sites so that I can grant access to my clients, so that they can edit the POWr Plugins on their finished site?


Good question. You'll use a slightly different install method than a normal Weebly user. Go to our Tutorials Page and select the HTML Tutorial.
There are three main steps:

1) Add the POWr Script

2) Modify the POWr Token

3) Add the Plugin to the page.


Add the POWr Script

1) Open the Weebly Settings menu and select SEO from the left sidebar

2) Scroll down to find the section titled Header Code.

3) Open the POWr HTML Tutorial for your plugin, and copy the POWr Script from Step 1.

4) Paste the POWr Script into the Weebly Header Code.

Modify the POWr Token

When you pasted the POWr Script into the Weebly Header Code, you'll notice a section in the script called the POWr Token. Every POWr user has a unique POWr Token. Right now, the POWr Token in this script is your personal token. But this site will eventually belong to your client, so we need to modify the POWr Token slightly.

1) In the Weebly Header Code box, place your mouse cursor at the end of the POWr Token, inside the quotes.

2) Type an additional modifier, like your client's name, after the existing token. It will now be a unique token for your client. For example: My Original POWr Script

<script src="//" powr-token="8f566e5fe0" external-type="html"></script>

My Modified Script

<script src="//" powr-token="8f566e5fe0-MyClientSite" external-type="html"></script>

3) Click the green Save button.

Add the Plugin to the Page

1) Remember the POWr HTML Install Tutorial where you copied found your POWr Script? Go back to that page, and grab the DIV from Step 2.

2) In the Weebly Editor, open the Build menu, and create a new Embed Code element.

3) Paste the DIV Code into the Embed Code element, and Publish.

4) Visit the Published page and your Plugin will be visible.

Finishing Up

You've now modified the POWr Token, and added your first POWr Plugin to your client's site. You can add more POWr Plugins by Adding DIV Codes to other pages on the site.

To grant access your client access to edit all POWr Plugins on this website, just open the POWr Editor for any plugin on the site, and follow the instructions to Grant Access to a client.

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