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POWr Partner on Google Sites

Created October 22 2015. Updated October 22 2015


I build sites for my clients using Google Sites. What's the best way to build Google Sites so that I can grant access to individual clients, so that they can edit only the POWr Plugins on their particular site?


Good question. You just need to make a slight alteration to the URL you use to Insert your POWr Plugin. Use the regular Google Sites Tutorial, with the additional steps listed here.


Paste in the POWr URL

1) In the Google Sites Editor, click on Insert and select ... More Gadgets.

2) Select Add Gadget by URL.

3) Paste the URL from the POWr > Google Sites Tutorial into the bar.

Note: up until this point, you've been following the normal procedure. Now comes the tricky part...

Modify the POWr Token in your URL 1) At the very end of the URL you've just pasted in, find the POWr Token (powr-token="xxxxxxxxxxxxx").

2) You'll need to add a word or phrase (like your client's name) at the end of the regular POWr Token. This will create a new POWr Token for this particular website.

3) Make sure you use this exact same POWr Token on any other POWr Plugins you add to this site.

Note: use only numbers or letters. No symbols or spaces

Finishing Up

You've now modified the POWr Token, and added your first POWr Plugin to your client's site. When adding more plugins to this client's site, remember to use the exact same POWr Token

To grant access your client access to edit all POWr Plugins on this website, just open the POWr Editor for any plugin on the site, and follow the instructions to Grant Access to a client.

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