Plugin appears cut off on Bigcommerce site

Created October 05 2016. Updated October 05 2016


I use POWr on my Bigcommerce website, but the Plugin is cut off and I can only see half of it on my site. What is happening?


Some Bigcommerce themes use a fixed height for the main content area. This keeps the page from adjusting to the height of a dynamic element, such as our Plugins.


The solution is to override the fixed height for the main content container class with an "auto" height. ​ To do that, go to Storefront Design > Design Options > Styles > custom.css in your Bigcommerce admin.

In that file, add the following bit of code (you can add it to the last line so you can easily find it again later):

.equalize {height: auto !important;}

This should fix the issue and your whole Plugin should appear correctly on your site.

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