Nothing is displaying in my Social Feed

Created December 14 2015. Updated September 29 2016


My POWr Social Feed isn't showing anything! What's going on?


Try the following troubleshooting steps:

  • Text not displaying? Go to Design >> Post Content Design and make sure that Display Post Text toggle is set to On (For Tumblr, Twitter, RSS, and other text heavy feeds)

  • If your app is upgraded, go to Content >> Approve Posts and make sure that some posts are Approved.

  • Go to Content >> Post Content and verify that the Max Posts to Display slider is not set to zero.

Trouble with a Pinterest feed?

Check whether there is a "+" in the original board name. We're having trouble parsing the "%2B" which stands for the "+" sign in the URL, but you can replace "%b" with a "+" when you enter the feed to fix this problem.

Trouble with a Facebook feed?

POWr Social Feeds cannot display Facebook pages that involve age restricted content. These may include Facebook pages for alcoholic beverage brands and retailers, or pages with adult content.
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