Getting Started

POWr Social Feed is the easy way to automatically show posts from social media on your website. Combine posts from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, Vine, Vimeo, and more in a single gallery.

To create a new Social Feed, log in to your account, click on Create New, and select Social Feed from the list. Or just click here. A new default version of the feed will appear.

Connect a Feed

When you create a new Social Feed plugins, the first thing you'll need to do is connect it to a social media account, so it knows what feed to display. If no feeds are connected, you'll see a message covering your POWr Social Feed that says,

No feed connected. Connect a feed in the POWr Editor.

To connect a feed, open the POWr Editor and go to the Connect menu. You can connect to the following types of feeds:

  • Facebook - any event or business page. You cannot connect to a personal Facebook profile
  • Twitter - any @handle or #hashtag.
  • Instagram - any @user or #hashtag.
  • Pinterest - any Pinterest board.
  • YouTube - any user, channel, or playlist.
  • Vimeo - any user or channel.
  • Vine - any @user or #hashtag
  • Flickr - any Flickr account.
  • DailyMotion - any user.
  • RSS - any RSS feed.

Important: Your account needs to be set to public, or else POWr won't be able to display your posts.

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