Intro to POWr Sliders

Created May 17 2016. Updated August 31 2016

Getting Started

POWr Sliders are the easiest way to add photos, videos, banners, and more to a rotating carousel, without ever touching a line of code.

To create a new Slider, log in to your account, click on Create New, and select Multi Slider from the list. Or just click here. A new default version of the slider will appear.

The POWr Editor will appear on the left hand side of the screen. When you've finished creating your slider, you can add it to a website, share it on social media or via email, or just save it for later in your POWr account for later.

Basic Setup

Adding a Slide

The first thing you'll want to do is add a new slide to your slider. In the POWr Editor, open the Content menu. You'll see slides for the default content, which you can delete, and a bar at the bottom that says Add. You can choose to add:
  • Image - Add directly from your computer, or paste in a link.
  • Video - Paste in a link from YouTube or Vimeo.
  • Banner - Add an image, title, subtitle and button, and choose layout.
  • Document - Add alternate file types directly from your computer.
  • Event - Add an image, title, subtitle and timeframe.

Advanced Options

Once you get the hang of adding slides to your slider, you can start to customize the design of the plugin to fit your needs. For instance, you can choose how slides transition from one to the next, adjust the size and style of captions, and set the height and width of your slider.

Slide Transitions

POWr Sliders comes with a variety of built-in transition animations, from fades to swoops to spins. To set your transition animation, open the Design menu and click on Slideshows options. Then select an option from the Transitions dropdown. You can also choose whether to enable Auto-slide and whether to automatically Repeat the slideshow.

Size and Shape

POWr Sliders can be set to almost any size and shape, using the built-in controls. In the POWr Editor, open the Content menu and click on Size and Shape. Then use the two sliding adjustment controls to fine tune your plugin. We recommend making all of your images the same size before uploading them for best results.

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