Intro to POWr Galleries

Created May 19 2016. Updated November 29 2016

Getting Started

POWr Galleries are a quick easy way to display photos and videos on any website. You can add captions, blocks of text, links, and even buttons to collect payments.

To create a new gallery, log in to your account, click on Create New, and select Media Gallery from the popup. Or just click here. A new page will appear where you can create your gallery. The POWr Editor will appear on the left hand side of the screen. Here is will you will customize the content and design of your gallery. Once you're ready, you can add your gallery to your website, share it on social media or in an email, or just save it for later in your POWr account.

Basic Setup

An entry is a collection of elements that will remain grouped together(stacked vertically) as the screen resizes and the masonry system rearranges the tiles for optimal viewing.

Adding an Entry

POWr Galleries come with several default entries. You can remove these in the POWr Editor by opening the Content menu, and clicking the Trash icons in the top-right corner of each entry.

To add a new entry, click the Add button. This will create a new Media Entry, where you can add photos, videos, titles, text, buttons, etc. Click Add Element, and select something from the dropdown, like Photo or Video.

Common Questions

Enable Social Sharing

POWr Galleries allow your visitors to share entries on their own social media accounts, like Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. To turn on social sharing for an entry, open the entry in the Content and scroll to the bottom of the entry. You should see a toggle for Make Shareable. Turn this on, and social sharing buttons will appear beneath the entry on your Gallery.

Common Questions

Advanced Options

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