Intro to POWr Forms

Created March 17 2016. Updated August 31 2016

Getting Started

POWr Forms are powerful tools that let you collect information, create mailing lists, and sell things online.

To create a new Form, log in to your account, click on Create New, and select Form Builder from the popup. Or just click here. A new page will appear where you can create your form. The POWr Editor will appear on the left hand side of the screen. Here is will you will create and edit your form. Once your form is ready, you can add it to your website, share it on social media, or just save it for later in your POWr account.

Basic Setup

Setting Up Email Alerts

You'll probably want to receive emails when a visitor fills out your form. You can set this up in the POWr Editor in the Connect menu. Enter your email address in the box provided.

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Adding Form Elements

Form elements are the basic units of a form. They're where visitors will fill in their information. You can add form elements to collect text, emails, dates, multiple choice answers, numbers, and more. To add a new form element, open the Content menu, click on Form Elements, and click Add New. Then select the type of element you want from the dropdown.

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Advanced Options

Requiring Payments

POWr Forms accept payments through PayPal, which means customers can pay with their PayPal account, or with their credit card. You can accept payments through any POWr Form. Just go to the Content menu, open Require Payments, and switch the toggle to On. A new set of options will appear for you to fill out. The default settings will create a one-time payment, for selling a single product at a single price. However, you can also set up the form to accept donations or create recurring subscriptions where a customer pays you automatically every day, week, month, etc. You can also add pricing options with a multiple choice question (see above), so that customer choices will change the final price.

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Connect to MailChimp

You can connect POWr forms to MailChimp, to easily create or grow your mailing lists. All you need to do is click the Connect to MailChimp button in the Connect menu, and select the correct MailChimp list. Then go through your Form Elements and enter the desired MailChimp MERGE tags in the box provided to send info to that MailChimp list.

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Conditional Logic

Conditional logic is a tool that allows you to create smarter forms that respond to choices made by your visitors. New form elements are displayed based on a visitors selections to previous questions. You can think of conditional logic as a tree, where each fork leads to a different set of branches. The rules you create determine which branch a visitor goes down, based on the choices they make. Currently, rules can only be made for answer to multiple choice types of questions. Conditional logic is a premium feature, and is not available in the free version of POWr Forms.

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