Intro to POWr eCommerce

Created March 23 2016. Updated September 01 2016

Getting Started

POWr eCommerce is a simple but powerful plugin that lets you sell almost anything online - products, services, subscriptions, and even digital downloads or files. Choose to sell just one product, or many. And receive payments directly through your PayPal account.

To create a new eCommerce plugin, log in to your account, click on Create New, and select eCommerce from the popup. Or just click here. A new page will appear where you can create your eCommerce plugin. The POWr Editor will appear on the left hand side of the screen. Here is will you will create and edit your form. Once it's ready, you can add it to your website or Facebook page, or share it over social media/email with a link.

Basic Setup

Receiving Payments

To receive payments through a POWr eCommerce plugin, you need to connect the plugin to your PayPal account. Open the Content menu in the POWr Editor, and enter the email address you use for your PayPal account into the box provided.

Common Questions:

Adding a Product

To add a new product to eCommerce, open the Content menu and click on Products. Then click +Add Product. A new product entry will appear, with menus for you to enter the product's info, pricing, images, and options.

Common Questions:

Different Types of Products

POWr eCommerce lets you sell more than just physical products. You can also sell digital products, like a song or a file, that customers can download for a fee. Or create subscriptions for things like service agreements, memberships, or subscriptions.

All of this can be determined on a product by product basis in the Content menu of your eCommerce plugin. To set up a subscription, open the Pricing submenu for a product, and set Type of Purchase to Subscription. You can then select how often the customer will be charged, how much they will be charged, and create an optional trial period with different pricing specifics. To sell a digital file, open the Info submenu for the product, and turn on the switch labelled Digital Download. Then upload the file you'd like to sell.

Common Questions:

Shipping Fees

You have two options for how to treat shipping when selling physical goods. Shipping fees will be displayed once your customer has select options for a product, and is preparing for checkout.

Per Item Shipping

Per item shipping lets you set specific shipping prices for each item you sell. This is good for any other product that is difficult or expensive to ship. The shipping price per item will be charged for each item ordered. So if you charge $10 to ship a particular chair, and a customer orders 4 of that chair, the total shipping fee will be $40.

You can set up per item shipping in the Pricing submenu for a product. Per Item Shipping must be set up individually for each item you sell.

Per Order Shipping

Per order shipping allows you to add a flat shipping fee to any order. This same fee will be applied to all customer orders, regardless of how many products they purchase. This is a good idea if your products are all very similar, or if your products do not cost much to package and ship.

You can set up per order shipping in the Shipping menu. Just set the switch to On, and enter a shipping fee to be added to all orders. This will eliminate your ability to add per item shipping fees under each product, and those boxes will disappear.

Common Requests

Here are some common requests and upcoming features. If you would like to be notified when these features are released, click on the link, then vote for the feature with the big button.

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