How to track inventory in POWr eCommerce

Created April 18 2016. Updated September 27 2016

Tracking Inventory

You can set and track inventory for products in POWr eCommerce. Here is now to turn on/off this feature:
  1. In the POWr Editor, go to Content section

  2. Open the product you would like to turn on inventory for

  3. Scroll down and toggle On the Track Inventory option found in the Info section.

  4. You can then enter a number of Items in stock. This number will decrease each time someone orders the product.

Note: Inventory tracking is a premium feature.

Email Alerts

You will be alerted when:
  • The number of Items in stock falls below 5, you will receive an email alert from POWr. This alert will be automatically sent to your PayPal account email.

  • Someone orders your product.

  • The number of Items in stock reaches zero.

Automatic Out of Stock

When the number of Items in stock is zero, the product will automatically be marked as Out of Stock. Customers will not be able to order the item until you reset the number of Items in stock in the POWr Editor. Remember to do this, to insure that you do not miss any sales.
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