How to hide POWr Shortcodes while the page is loading

Created October 20 2015. Updated March 20 2016


When my page is loading, POWr Shortcodes are visible for a few seconds before the page finishes loading, like this:
[powr-form-builder id=abcd1234]

How can I hide these?


There are two ways to hide POWr Shortcodes. You can replace the shortcode with an HMTL DIV. Or you can change the text color of the shortcode to match your background.

Using the HTML DIV

Shortcode HTML DIV
[powr-form-builder id=abcd1234] <div class="powr-form-builder" id="abcd1234"></div>

Note: when using a DIV, don't forget to add "quotes" around the ID #. You may also need to switch your site editor from Text to HTML mode.

Changing Font Color

This is a less technical, but equally effective solution. In your website editor, select the POWr Shortcode, and change the color to match the background of the website. This will allow the shortcode to blend in with the background of the page.

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