How to fix broken links

Created December 07 2016.

Broken links can damage your site's SEO and frustrate your visitors. When you discover a broken link on your site, it's important to fix it quickly.

What is a broken link

A broken link is a link that goes to a non-existent page. Broken links typically return a 404 error page, indicating that the page can't be found. Most broken links come from a typo on the web page with the link, or from web pages that have been renamed, moved, or deleted.

Types of broken links

  1. Internal links: links on your site that lead to other pages on your site.
  2. Outbound links: links on your site that lead to a different website.
  3. Inbound links: links from another website that lead to your site.

How to fix broken links

  • Check the URL for typos, and fix if necessary.
  • Make sure the HTTP or HTTPS matches the destination exactly
  • For inbound links, set up a 301 redirect to another page that does exist on your site.
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