How to create subscriptions with forms

Created March 18 2016. Updated September 22 2016

You can use POWr Forms to set up recurring subscriptions, where customers will automatically pay you again and again each billing period.

Setting Up Subscriptions

Like setting up other payments in POWr Forms, the first step is to go to the Content menu, open Require Payments and set the toggle to On. Enter your PayPal email in the box provides so that you can receive payments. Then set the Type of Payment to Subscription. You can now set the details for your subscription, including:

  • Product Name - what will appear in the PayPal checkout screen when customers make a purchase.

  • Currency - the currency in which your price is set. International customers will have this price automatically converted during checkout by PayPal.

  • Subscription Price - the amount customer will be charged every billing period.

  • Billing Period - how often the customer is charged

  • Trial Period - allows you to increase or decrease the price for an introductory period. This is a great way to give new customers a free or reduced trial, or to charge an extra fee for new sign ups.
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