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How to check your Spam folder for POWr emails

Created April 18 2016. Updated April 18 2016

If you are not receiving emails from POWr, for example from a POWr Form, eCommerce plugin, or Comments plugin, it's a good idea to check your Spam folder. Here's how...

1) Check Spam Folder

In your email inbox, check your Spam folder for emails from [email protected]. If you find emails here, mark them as Not Spam to prevent the issue from continuing.

2) Add POWr to contacts

In your email inbox, add [email protected] to your contacts. This will help your email provider recognize emails from POWr, so they appear in your inbox every time.

3) Change Spam filter

You can adjust which messages your email provider marks and spam, and which ones come through to your inbox. The process is different for every email provider. Here are details on some of the major providers...

How to change spam filters in Gmail

How to change spam filters in Outlook

How to change spam filters in Yahoo!

4) Contact POWr support

If neither of these steps resolves your issue, please contact us here. We can investigate from our end and look for other possible causes.

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