How to Approve or Hide Posts on Social Feed Plugins?

Created July 29 2015. Updated September 28 2016


Can I approve or hide specific posts on POWr Social Feed?


Yes! This is a Premium Feature for ALL POWr Social Feeds (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Vimeo, Vine, RSS, etc.).


  1. Open the POWr Editor (or App Settings in Wix).

  2. Go to the Content section >> Approve Posts.

  3. You can now choose to:

    • Approve All - all posts will always be displayed.

    • Default to Approved - all new posts will be displayed, but you can manually remove specific posts.

    • Default to Unapproved - all new posts will be hidden, but you can manually approve specific posts.

  4. To Approve or Hide a specific post, open the post menu and use the On/Off toggle.

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