How to add location to Map?

Created June 09 2014. Updated April 23 2016


How do I add a pin to the Map?


Enter any address in the Address field!


1) Open the POWr Editor (or App Settings in Wix).

2) Go to Content -> Map Location.

3) Enter any address where it says Enter Address.

4) Select a location from the dropdown.

Note: POWr Map locations are geo-targeted to a particular address. If your pin appears in the wrong location, check the address on Google Maps, and see if the problem appears there as well. If so, the problem has to do with where Google thinks your address is located. If not, please contact

Update map location

Trouble finding an address on the Map?
If the auto-complete dropdown does not show you the right address, please double-check how Google formats the address for the location you are trying to add. For example, "SFMOMA" might give you the right result on Google Maps, but you will not find its location in the Map Plugin unless you enter it as "151 3rd St, San Francisco, CA 94103", which is the exact way Google displays the address for that location.

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