How do I sell subscriptions in eCommerce?

Created September 01 2015. Updated September 20 2016


If you want to sell subscriptions or memberships, POWr eCommerce is a great tool. You can create recurring subscriptions for any amount, regularly charged on any timeframe. And best of all, POWr takes 0% of your payments. Only standard PayPal fees apply. Note: you must have a PayPal Business account to sell subscriptions

Setting up a subscription.

Setting Up Subscriptions

To set up subscription payments with POWr eCommerce (or other plugins), open the Pricing menu. Enter a price to be charged per payment. Then set a time frame to determine how often your customers will be charged. You can also set up a trial period, during which the price can be less, or more, than the regular price.

If a free trial period is enabled, you will receive a confirmation email from PayPal as soon as someone signs up, even though no payment has been made yet.

Canceling a subscription.

Canceling Subscriptions

Subscriptions can be cancelled by you or your customers through PayPal.

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