How do I sell files or downloads?

Created July 07 2015. Updated May 23 2016

POWr Digital Download is a powerful tool that lets you sell digital files online. Here are answers to some common questions.

What kind of files can I sell?
You can upload and sell any file type with POWr Digital Download.

What is the file size limit?
Current limits are based on your upgrade type.

• Free Version: 5mb

• Premium Version: 20mb

• Pro Version: 100mb

• Business Version: 1gb

Can I sell multiple different files?
Yes! Just go to Content -> Products and click on Add Product.

Can I sell multiple files together as a package?
Yes! You just need to zip the files together, then upload the .zip file as a product in POWr Digital Download. Click here for info on creating a zip file. Your customers will be able to unzip the file after purchase.

How many times can someone download the file?
Customers can download the file up to ten times per purchase.

How are files delivered to the customer?
After purchase, your customer will receive an email from POWr containing a link to their file. This link will allow them to download the file to their machine. Emails looks like this...

For a demo, Click Here

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