How do I find my Mailchimp *|MERGE|* Tags for my email list?

Created August 28 2015. Updated September 28 2016


I want data from my Form to be added directly into my Mailchimp mailing list. How do I select the correct Merge tags?


Mailchimp MERGE tags identify a column name in your mailing list, and allow you to enter dynamic information in emails you send. You can specify the merge tags for each fields in your form.

To find your existing merge tags on your mailing list, go to Mailchimp and find the list you are connecting to. Under Settings click List Fields and Merge Tags

You will see a list of the column names of your mailing list and the corresponding merge tags.

For example, to collect the user's first in your POWr form, use the merge tag FNAME:

In this way, you can collect all kind of custom information into your Mailchimp list!
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