How do I add captions to POWr Sliders?

Created June 05 2014. Updated September 30 2016
Captions are a great way to add context to your photos or videos in POWr Sliders. In this example, the caption is Yosemite Valley. Adding and managing captions is pretty straightforward.

Adding a Caption

Adding captions to an Image, Video, or Document slide is easy. Just go to the Content section and open the slide. Then type into the Caption box. Captions cannot be added to Banner or Event slides.

Display Captions

Captions can be displayed continuously, or only when your visitor hovers over the slide. This can be controlled by going to Design >> Caption >> Caption Display

Position of Captions

You can also choose where your captions will appear on slides. Go to Design >> Caption. You can control horizontal position with the Text Align dropdown, and vertical position with the Caption Positioning
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