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Help, my POWr shortcode doesn't work in WordPress, I only see the same plugin multiple times!

Created August 28 2015. Updated February 18 2016


I want to use multiple instances of the same Plugin on my Wordpress site. I have entered [powr-form-builder id=397f1d45_1455045753398] and [powr-form-builder id=001f9074_1455046144735]. They have different IDs, but they both show the same thing. What should I do?


If you are not seeing the correct version of all of your plugins on your site, make sure to upgrade to the latest version of WordPress.

If you are not using shortcodes that look like the ones above, you may be using our old shortcode system that includes a label rather than an ID. If that's the case, please get in touch with our Support Team so we can help you update your shortcodes.

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