Discount codes in forms

Created November 01 2016.

Discount Codes can be added to any POWr form that requires a payment.

Once you enable payments on your form, the Discount Codes menu will appear in the POWr Editor. Open the menu, and add a label for your discount code field. Then, use the blue button to create a new discount code. Enter a word or phrase that will trigger the discount code, choose percent or flat rate, and set a value (ex. $5 or 10%). You can create multiple discount codes on a single form.

When a visitor enters a valid discount code in your form, a green checkmark will appear next to it.

If you are selling Subscriptions remember that the discount will be applied to every payment you receive. For example, a $5 discount on a $20/month subscription means your customer will be charged $15 each month.

If your discount is greater than the total value charged to the customer, you will NOT receive an email confirmation after the form is submitted. Remember to check your Form Response Dashboard to stay up to date.

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