Customizing my Shopify theme

Created January 05 2016. Updated February 09 2016

POWr Plugins can be added to any Shopify Page, Post, or Product by pasting a POWr Shortcode into the Shopify editor. For instructions, visit our tutorials.

But you can also add POWr Plugins to a fixed location, like a header, footer, or sidebar. It just requires diving into your Shopify theme. Here is some information on customizing your Shopify theme.

Basic Steps
1) Install POWr through the Shopify App Store as usual.

2) Find the location in your Shopify HTML file where you'd like to add the plugin.

3) Paste the DIV code equivalent of your POWr Shortcode into the HTML file.

For instance...

[powr-form-builder id=397f1d45_1455045753398]

would become

<div class="powr-form-builder" id="397f1d45_1455045753398"></div>

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