Connecting a Wix account to POWr

Created May 25 2016. Updated September 22 2016


I'm using POWr on my Wix website but want to manage my apps via, is this possible?


Yes! You can connect your POWr apps used in Wix to a POWr account. There are many reasons you might want to do this:

  • Unlocking Admin features, such as Import (Copy and Sync) and Share in any of your POWr apps.
  • More upgrade options: Pro and Business level subscription for the entire POWr account (not tied to individual app).
  • Editing your Plugins directly at without logging in to the Wix Editor.
  • Using the same apps on multiple different sites or pages.
  • Purchasing an upgrade for apps used on different websites.
  • Archiving apps that are not longer installed on any websites.


To connect any POWr apps you got from the Wix App Market to a POWr account, please follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your Wix Editor.
  2. Navigate to a page where you have a POWr app installed.
  3. Open the app settings for any of your POWr apps.
  4. Go to the Help tab.
  5. Click Connect Account and set up your account.

You should then see all of your apps in your POWr dashboard at

If you'd like to purchase a Pro or Business upgrade, upgrade via The upgrade will take effect on all apps that are in your dashboard. Future apps created through Wix will be covered by the same upgrade as long as you add them in one of the connected Wix accounts.

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