Conditional Logic

Created February 12 2016. Updated January 30 2017

Conditional Logic is a premium feature on POWr Form Builder. With conditional logic you can create Rules, which change the content of your form, depending on choices your visitor makes. Rules keep your forms short and smart.

Getting Started

Conditional logic is managed for any element by going to Content >> Form Elements >> Element >> Show Advanced in the POWr Editor.

Rules - Rules can be based off any Radio, Dropdown, or Checkbox, and can display any other element in the form. Once you add a Radio, Dropdown, or Checkbox to your form, you create a rule for another Element in the form.

Creating a Rule

Every Rule is composed of a Condition and an Action.

Condition - Conditions determine when an Action will take place. Conditions always refer to a different element in the form. For instance, if you are making a form to book appointments, you might have a Radio that asks, Do you want to book an appointment? If the visitor clicks Yes , a Date and Time element should appear. In this case, the Condition would be...

Do you want to make an appointment? is Yes

This Condition should be added to the Date and Time element, not the Radio element. The rule will use your visitor's answer from the Radio element to determine whether or not to show the Date and Time element.

Action - currently, the only available action is Show. This means that whenever an element's condition is met, that element will instantly appear on the form.

Once this Rule is created, the Date and Time element will only appear on the form when the visitor answers Yes to the question Do you want to book an appointment?

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