Can visitors share my Gallery posts on social media?

Created August 25 2015. Updated May 19 2016


How can I enable social sharing Gallery posts?


Set the Make Shareable toggle to On!


1) Open the POWr Editor (or App Settings in Wix) for your Microblog or Media Gallery.

2) Go to Content and select the Entry you want to make shareable.

3) Set the Make Shareable toggle to On.

4) If possible, enter a link in the Share Link field. This will insure that the correct page is shared when visitors click these Share Buttons.

NOTE: if no Share Link is added, POWr will attempt to determine the best content to share. This will vary across different social platforms and depending on what content exists in the shared Entry. For example, Pinterest will always share the image from an Image Entry. But Facebook will only share a link to the entire Media Gallery or Microblog. These requirements are set by each social media platform, and POWr has limited control over them.

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