Can I copy my form in Wix?

Created January 24 2016. Updated November 18 2016


I want to copy and paste my form in Wix. Is this possible?


This feature is unfortunately not available if you are using Form Builder Plus+ (or another POWr app) from the Wix App Market.

If you need multiple versions of the same app on your site, please contact our Support Team. They can help you import content from one app into another one.

If you simply need to move the app to another page of your site, we recommend the following workaround:


  1. In your Wix Editor, click on the POWr app settings

  2. In the Wix editing panel that appears on the right, select Show on all pages

  3. Then, navigate to the page where the app should appear

  4. Now, uncheck the Show all pages option

Your app will then only appear on that page.
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