Basic Troubleshooting Techniques

Unfortunately, you've encountered a browser mishap on the road to building your POWr plugin. Before you get in touch with support, here are a few steps which solve most issues quickly and easily.

Try this first:

1.- Refresh the website you are working on. This will solve issues with loading and is a good starting point for all tech issues.
2.- Switch to a different browser. We recommend switching to Firefox or Chrome as they tend to be more reliable.
3.- Make sure Cookies are enabled in your browser. If you're browsing Incognito, changes you make to a plugin may not save.
4.- Disable browser add-ons as these can conflict with applications and can cause a number of problems.
5.- Reset the browser to its default settings. Essential information like bookmarks will be saved. Click on your browser below for a walk through tutorial.

Internet Explorer

6.- We want to hear from you. If the steps above didn't solve the issue, please get in touch with us and we'll work with you to get it fixed. :)

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