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Vote for a Plugin or Feature

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Terms and Conditions Plugin

I would like a plugin to easily create and add Terms of Use to my website.

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Pay to Display Content

Please create a plugin that hides content from my visitors until they submit a payment.

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Full Blog (like wordpress)

Can you guys do a full blog plugin?

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White Label Version of POWR

Please create a white label version of POWr for professional designers, with: • No POWr Branding • No Payment Plan Op...

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Way to track views / downloads of documents or files

It would be great if I had a plugin that tracked views/downloads of docs I have on my reading page. Would be great to...

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Create a plugin for feature requests

This feature request page is a great way to engage with users. Can you create a plugin to embed a Feature Request Sys...

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Social media slider plugin

Please create a Social Media Slider plugin. It could be just like the Social Feed plugin, except instead of creating...

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eBook Reader Plugin

Please create a plugin to display content (like an ebook) where the pages can be flipped.

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Rate and Quote Calculator Plugin

I'd like an app that lets my customers calculate rates, quotes, and product prices on my site without having to actua...

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Timed Quiz Plugin

Please add a timer to Forms to create a timed quiz or test.

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Checkbox Feature Table Plugin

A Plugin similar to POWr Price Table but with a checkbox layout. It would look like the feature list in the POWr Upgr...

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Plugin to display (Google) calendar

An embeddable calendar that syncs with Google Calendar to display events, meetings, workshop schedules, etc. on my we...

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Before After Comparison Slider

A slider that lets the user compare a 'Before' and 'After' version of a photo.

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Live Group Chat

Live group chat so that we can interact with our users; any comment or question sent and answers replied will be publ...

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Stock Ticker Plugin

Plugin Request: I would like a Stock Ticker or Currency Ticker Plugin.

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Display reviews/recommendations from Facebook on a website

I'm wanting to display my reviews/recommendations from Facebook on my page.