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How Branded Fruit Scaled Business with POWr Form Builder

Published: | Updated: | By Zarah Zhao

About Branded Fruit

It started as a joke, putting logos on fruit; Branded Fruit owner Danielle Baskin never would have imagined that the company has now scaled to take dozens of orders a day.

The company, as the name implies, prints various logos and images on pieces of sustainable, locally-sourced fruit for companies to give out at conferences and events in place of other cheap promotional items.

The Problem and POWr’s Solution

One of the main problems Danielle faces as her business grows is organization. At the very beginning, she had a form that had delivered the information straight to her email, thus forcing her to enter the information manually. Before using POWr’s Form Builder to organize customer requests, she tried Shopify’s own system, JotForm, WuFoo, and Zopeem. Using Form Builder to make ‘Contact Us’ and ‘Request Quote’ forms, she found that most contact forms weren’t fully customizable, and landed on POWr’s plugin.

The Key Benefits

Ultimately, she was drawn primarily to Form Builder’s seamless integration with Zapier and Airtable. The fully customizable forms didn’t hurt either, especially for her business model. Her customers are able to upload images and specify their orders visually, making the ordering process far less painful than it would be without that crucial feature. Visitors are also able to answer questions about specifics such as recurring orders, informing them of that potential option. Along similar lines, in contrast with other more outdated and less integrated plugins, the fully customizable interface of Form Builder means she was able to perfectly align her forms with the rest of her website’s aesthetic.

Baskin also mentioned the benefits of a purchasing ability built into the form, which further streamlines her business model. She also had specific demands for notifications regarding her forms, desiring both Slack and email notifications each time a potential customer reached out about an order quote. Ultimately, POWr’s Form Builder was able to satisfy her various needs with its versatile customization options and robust nature.

POWr’s Unique Value

Having built her website with Shopify, she tried out Shopify’s native request quote element prior to installing POWr plugins. The element allowed customers to select products and add them to a cart before requesting a quote from her team. Her main qualm with Shopify’s request quote feature was that it was fully automated; due to the highly customized nature of Branded Fruit, she prefers to converse with customers manually through email to ensure that they understand the pricing model.

Danielle only ran her business without POWr Form Builder for about a week, as she was overwhelmed with upwards of 100 requests in 3 days. Due to the nature of her product, her website experienced a lot of web traffic but few inquiries because the product wasn’t needed just yet. When the time came to place orders, the ease of contact with Form Builder contributed greatly to her increased sales rate; 15% of her inquiries ultimately lead to sales.

Danielle bears testament to the power of small business owners, while Branded Fruit highlights the demand for niche, branded products in today’s market.

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